Tapas Menu

Cold Tapas Menu

Bread basket with olives and alioli £4.50

Smoked marinated sardine with fava beans £8.50

Marinated anchovies, plum vine tomatoes and red onion £6.50

Tuna Ceviche, guacamole £8.50

Piquillos peppers filled with crab meat £8.50

Artisan Iberico & Tuscan cured meats board £9.50

Hand cut 24 month aged Iberico ham £19.50 per 100g

Pished salmon with walnut bread £9.50

Smoked burrata mozzarella with plum tomato, avocado, basil £8.50

Chicory salad with celery, apple, pomegranate, pecan nuts, lime oil dressing £7.50 Served as main £14.50

Bio salad, leaves, avocado, pomegranate, seeds of the forest, sweet dressing £8.50

Hot Tapas Menu

Padron peppers, maldon salt £5.50

Black truffle Arancini, chilli aioli £6.50

Sautéed chicken livers £6.50

Pair of grilled lamb tomahawks £8.50

Meat balls in herby spicy tomato sauce £6.50

Deep fried baby squid with aioli £7.50

Deep fried anchovies with aioli £7.50

Stuffed Portobello mushrooms Riojanas style £7.50

Croquettes (4) (smoked haddock or Iberico ham or mushroom) £8.50

Octopus (Galician Style) £9.50

King prawns with garlic, chilli, herbs £9.50

Steamed king scallops with garlic, chilli and herbs £10.50

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