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From Our Charbroiler Grill & Oven

 TXULETON VACA (Matured spanish beef for 2 to share)

Selected from the best herds available, cows aged from at least six to ten years old. Dry aged for a minimum of 35 days, this unique meat gives you flavours from the land, milk and grass.

400 – 800 / £6 per 100g
800 – 1300 / £7 per 100g

30 Days Dry Aged Large Cuts

For 2 to share

These steaks are priced per 100g and are dependent on what we have in stock. They are big and don’t generally come any smaller than 500g. Good if you’re hungry or for two to share…

Porterhouse £6.50 per 100g
T-Bone £7 per 100g
Bone in Prime Rib £7 per 100g

Individual Hand Cut Steaks

 (250g) Fillet £27.50
(250g) Sirloin £25.50
(250g) Rib Eye £26.50
(250g) Wagyu Heart of Rump Steak £22.00

Other Meats

Iberico pork chop £16.95
Baby roast tomatoes, black olive puree

Lamb Tomahawk’s (3) £16.50
Chargilled with Mediterranean herbs

Iberico Presa Steak £16.50
With broad bean puree

All the above are served with smoked paprika potato wedges, lettuce and spring onion salad.

Our Fish

Seared Tuna, fava beans, red onion, mixed leaves £17.50

Monkfish & Chorizo Brochette £16.50

Chargrilled Sea Bass with lemon and parsley oil £17.50

Chargrilled Black Bream with garlic, rosemary and chilli £16.50

Grilled Lobster MP

Wild Bass baked in rock salt (24 hour notice) MP

All served with choice of potatoes and vegetables.


Minimum for Two

Seafood £29.50
Lobster £MP
Vegetarian £22.50


Sautéed Cauliflower £3.50

Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms £3.50

Garlic & Chilli Broccoli Tender Stems £3.50

Tortilla (Spanish Omelette) £4.50

Smoked Paprika Wedges £3.50

Truffle Mac & Cheese £6.50

Plum Tomato & Red Onion Salad £5.50

Lupo Mixed Leaf Salad £4.50

Salt Baked Jerusalem Artichokes £4.50

Patatas Bravas with Spicy Tomato Sauce £5.50


Cheese Cake, fruit of the forest compote £5.50

Bunuelos (little donught balls) with rosewater & honey £5.50

Dessert & fruit platter on crushed ice (for 2) £17.50

Chocolate Berry Cake £5.50

Churros with Nutella £5.50

Selection of Ice Creams £5.50

Creamy Rice Pudding £5.50

Cheese Board £9.50

Coffees & Teas

Espresso £1.95
Filter Coffee £1.95
Herbal Teas £1.95
Earl Grey Tea £1.95
Cappuccino £2.95
Cafe Latte £2.95

Liqueur Coffees

(all served with 35ml of alcohol)

Irish Coffee (Irish Whiskey) £5.50
French Coffee (Brandy) £5.50
Italian Coffee (Grappa) £5.50
Spanish Coffee (Orujo) £5.50
Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria) £5.50
Amaretto Coffee (Amaretto) £5.50
Espresso Martini £8.50



Strega £4.50
Mirto £4.50
Amaro £4.50
Fernet Branca £4.50
Grappa Poli Moscatto £8.50
Grappa Luce (by Poli) £8.50
Nonino Picolit XO £17.50

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